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How to embed a Pinterest board in your blog - Top Priority Systems

How to embed a Pinterest board in your blog


Pinterest provides a “widget” that allows you to publish any of your boards, or all of your boards, inside a post in your blog.

Start by going to the board you want to publish, and copy the URL.

Fig 1: copy the URL of your board – highlight it, and select Command-C.

Next use this URL to open the widget builder provided by Pinterest:



Fig 2: select the Board widget if you want to display the pins within a single board

Select the Board widget, and then copy in the URL into the Pinterest Board field. Then click on Build It!

The widget builder will then display the code you need. Select the text of the code, go to your website and paste in the code. Pasting needs to be carefully handled, so you don’t simply “display” the code rather than pasting it as code.

Fig 3: steps for pasting widget code into your blog post

Generally you should switch to Text in your blog (1), position the cursor where you want the widget to appear, click on the code button (2) and then paste in the code. At the end of the pasted code, click on the /code button (2). The code will then appear (3). Preview your post page, and you’ll see that the Pinterest board appears as a fully scrollable board with all its pins, and offering the user the option of following the board simply by pressing a single button from your page.


Note that you can only paste one such widget on each blog page.

Beware of one “bug” I found, that truncated the posted code every time I updated the post, so I had to manually put back the first couple of rows of code several times. Check the code in the post against the code from the widget builder if you have any problems.





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