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How to enter data and search in Evernote - Top Priority Systems

How to enter data and search in Evernote

Check out the video below for part one of a three part introduction to Evernote. It covers the basics of data entry – creating Notes, Notebooks and stacks to organise your content, tagging Notes for additional searching, entering data from speech on both iPhone and Mac, and searching by word, viewing, and searching by the geographical location where the note was taken.


If youre not already using Evernote, why not? I truly believe this is an indispensable app, even the free component. The key: were all swamped by content on a daily basis. Arent you drowning in a sea of emails, interesting websites, PDFs, photos, bits of paper and thoughts that come to you through the day? What if you could save and file every relevant piece of data, so that you can instantly lay your hands on it when you need it? Thats what Evernote delivers. Wheres that web article on lead generation using LinkedIn I read the other day? How about the Airbnb receipt for my recent stay? The plan for my presentation to the local bigwigs? All available instantly, even when offline.


Check out both this video and the next one, on saving external content into Evernote, and I defy you to stay away from Evernote after that!


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