Engineering Apps

Engineers and surveyors are always taking measurements, conducting inspections, and working on reports. These apps for engineering allow civil engineers to do more of what they need, without the clipboards. Take measurements, conduct surveys, and fill out reports all from your smartphone or tablet.

ADA Checklist for Existing Facilities

Make sure your facility is ADA Compliant and inline with national standards with the ADA Checklist app – Document issues and problems with photo and videos

Airport Runway Surface Inspection

Document & report runway surface conditions at airports and airfields with the Airport Runway Surface Inspection app – Take & share notes and photos easily

Bridge Condition Inspection

This bridge inspection Fulcrum app can be used to inspect, document, and map out the conditions of structural elements of new and existing bridges

Building Inspection App

Conduct full inspections of buildings and facilities for electrical, heating, damage, and plumbing issues with the Building Inspection App.

Construction Equipment Inspection App

Inspect construction equipment easily with our Heavy Equipment Inspection app – Document condition and maintenance needs with photo, video, and GPS points

Construction Safety Audit

Easily report hazards & safety concerns during construction site visits with the Safety Audit app – Take photos, make notes, & create custom reports fast!

Culvert Inventory App

Survey and track conditions of drainage culverts with the Culvert Inventory app – take photos, note blockages, and report issues quickly & easily

Dam Inspection

Inspect and document dams for maintenance, damage, and safety inspections easily and quickly with the Dam Inspection app

HVAC Inspection Checklist App

With the HVAC Inspection Checklist app, you can take measurements, document issues with photo and video, and build custom reports instantly!

Manhole Inspection Report

Capture critical information about wastewater, sanitation, and drainage manhole structures easily with the Manhole Inspection app

NPDES Annual Inspection

Protect public health & aquatic life & assure that every facility properly treats wastewater by conducting an NPDES Annual Inspection with the Fulcrum app

Road Surface Inspection

Easily document road surface damage with the Road Surface Inspection app – Quickly take photos, plot GPS points of damaged roadways & build a damage report

Traffic Sign Inventory App

Inspect & keep track of your traffic signage with the Traffic Sign Inventory app – Take photos & notes on reflectivity, damage, & installation location

Utility Pole Inspection

Quickly conduct pole inspections & document physical conditions of poles easily with the Pole Inspection app – Take notes, photos, plot GPS points & more

Valve Exercising

For use in valve exercising programs to log the condition and operability of utility valves.