Human Resources 

The Human Resources module is now a main module in the system. It allows you to chart the structure of your organization’s staff, maintain detailed personnel files, track the manning of available job positions and candidates, and perform evaluations of candidates and employees. You can also record courses attended by the company’s employees, as well as courses offered by the company to external participants.

The improved module now allows you to assign company branches to user- defined regions, and run reports per region and/or branch. It also provides a new table for user-defined job qualifications, by which you can search for appropriate job candidates according to their qualifications.

Maintenance of human resource data is managed via statuses using the following graphic flow charts:

BPM Flow Chart – Jobs 

BPM Flow Chart – Employee/Candidate 

BPM Flow Chart – Courses 

After defining the necessary statuses (and the paths that connect them), you can view their attributes in the corresponding status forms. New attributes allow you to create statuses for positions that have already been manned, as well as for positions whose manning have been cancelled.

As mentioned previously, the Jobs Explorer allows you to open each level of your organization’s hierarchy and view the details of each position and job. A Human Resources Dashboard is also available for the Priority on Outlook interface.