We have worked with a range of partners to enhance the system through powerful interfaces. These include:


PSM has been connected to a number of banks and integrators to simplify working with cash book entries. There are three principle applications:
• sending banking files of payments to the bank for actioning, for example to support payment via ACH
• importing bank and credit card statements for automating the process of reconciling entries per the third party against entries in the system
• usually at the same time as the automated reconciliation, it is possible to configure the system to raise transactions automatically that are not yet entered in the system, based on predictable logic.


PSM primarily works with flex.bi, a business intelligence package primarily written for the engine in which PSM has been developed. Create your own charts and tables using the particularly rich set of dimensions offered by PSM, where you can create your own reporting dimensions. You can instantly re-cast charts and tables by different dimensions, for example starting with a sales breakdown by region and then by salesperson within each region, and turning it round to a breakdown first by salesperson and then by region.


PSM has been connected in to CAD drawing packages such as Solidworks and AutoCAD. Create Bills of Materials in those packages, and then bring in the BOMs into PSM. PSM will even deal with revisions of the BOMs, as you continue to make changes to the drawings.


Connecting to the Omniva service allows you to automate the sending of invoices to your customers as soon as you approve them inside of PSM. Sent invoices can be automatically entered into recipient systems, or simply sent as PDFs on emails.


PSM handles the sending of Advance Shipping Notices, the receipt of Purchase Orders from customers, and the sending of Invoices. These can be sent directly from PSM using the EDI module, or can be connected to packages such as SPS, Connectivia and Edict.

Hotel Room

PSM uses the Siteminder portal to ensure that room bookings for your hotel made in Expedia, Booking.com, Orbitz and many other reservation sites end up automatically updating the reservation system inside of PSM.


PSM can readily connect into any mainstream payment gateway, to support the processing of credit card payments through your eCommerce sites for customer not present, and through the Point of Sales module for customer present transactions.


PSM can be linked to payroll software in two directions: sending files of hours worked by employee and type (eg broken down between standard and overtime hours) from PSM to the payroll solution, and receiving back General Ledger journals instead of requiring manual rekeying. PSM includes a generic configurator for adding new payroll software, to ensure that even unsupported payroll imports often require minimal or no development work

Sales Tax

Quotations, Sales Orders and Invoices can interact with sales tax portals such as Avalara AvaTax and TaxCloud. Customer addresses can be validated against central databases by state (US) or province (Canada), and for example can return the full zip+4 code. Each transaction can pick up the relevant rates per product or service sold, depending on the exact address of the customer. With regard to solutions such as TaxCloud, the portal can take care of all tax filings as well.


Store data on the number of packages, their weight, and their intended destination. This information can then be sent to specific shipper software, such as solutions from UPS and Fedex, or to industry portals that are already linked to a large number of nationwide and LTL shippers. There are three main applications:
• quoting shipping rates to prospective customers
• recording actual shipping costs on outgoing transactions
• validating rates charged to check bills from shipping companies.