Miscellaneous Apps

These apps have a variety of data collection uses. Browse through the list below to find apps for film scouting, inspections, and GPS field testing.

Cemetery Mapping App

Easily map out a cemetery, or manage plots with the Cemetery Mapping app – Record plot and historical information, plot out GPS points & more.

Distance & Bearing Calculations

Calculate the distance and bearing of repeatable records with respect to their parent record using Turf.js.

Field Reporting App

This form or app provides all the necessary field types available by Fulcrum. It can be for testing or demonstration to leadership. Just install and sync.

Geospatial Calculations With Turf & TopoJSON

Demonstrating how the Turf & TopoJSON JavaScript libraries can be used for geospatial calculations within Fulcrum.

GIS Projections App

An app to demonstrate embedding proj4js in calculation fields to display record locations in custom GIS projections.

GPS Field Testing

Test GPS accuracy and precision with the GPS Field Testing app – Mark GPS points for later groundtruthing and analysis

GPSLogger App

Record GPS logs from the GPSLogger for Android app.

Location Scouting App

Scout potential film locations easily with the Location Scouting app – Plot GPS points, take photos, and save your data to the cloud for easy access!


An app for collecting video for OpenStreetMap editing

School Facility Inspections

App to help facility at schools document the condition of inventory throughout the school. Allow the entire facility the ability to report damages.

Street Furniture Inspection App

Document locations and inspect street-side furnishings like phone boxes, benches, public art, and more with the Street Furniture Inspection app

UTM/USNG/MGRS Coordinates

An app that incorporates a couple of JavaScript libraries for calculating UTM and USNG/MGRS coordinates. You can use this in your own app.

Vehicle Check In Inspection

Can be used by service advisors and porters to note damage and general information on vehicles being dropped of by customers.