Office Management
Priority‘s Office Management module provides the tools you need to run your organization efficiently. It includes the following sub-modules:

Company Contacts – Maintain a list of all company contacts and define user groups, which you can use to send group mailings, assign group tasks, define workflow rules and alerts, display group assignments in the Calendar.

Priority on Outlook – Set up the Priority on Outlook interface, and define the web sites that can be viewed in Dashboards.

Calendar – Maintain the company Calendar; display personal tasks in the To Do List; define office hours and holidays; record employee absences. All tasks assigned a time frame (i.e., different start and end times) appear in the calendars of the users scheduled for the tasks. The Calendar displays all pending tasks per day and per week, and can be set up to remind users in advance of an upcoming task, at a user-defined interval. An interactive chart provides a graphic representation of the appointment schedule of a specific user or users.

Work Hour Reporting – log in and out of the system; display user logins; run work hour reports for employees.

Library – Enter information on any title (e.g., internal documents, professional literature, ads) found in the company documentation library; create employee library cards; record and track library loans; use the Library Report Generator to produce custom reports on all aspects of library usage.

Mail – Send and receive both internal and external mail messages; maintain mailbox folders; synchronize Priority with MS-Outlook; set up an external mail application other than Outlook; set up an SMS supplier.

Bulletin Board – Create and post messages of various user-defined types (e.g., company news, new software features, daily or weekly tips, job ads) to display on the company’s external and/or internal web site.