Purplesoft Mobile ERP: the ultimate, all-encompassing, interactive solution for small businesses



Sales Orders, Deliveries, Invoicing, Purchase Orders, Goods Receipts, Payables, Cash Book, Accounting, Inventory Management/Warehousing



Interface to drawing packages, build forecasts to drive purchase and production planning, build estimates for custom configuration of quotations, set up Bill of Materials, full production and costing, MRP automation of purchase orders and future productions, routing, and shop floor data collection



Pipeline Management, Campaign Management (including Emails), To Do Management, Integrated Telephony, Document Management, Calendars, Workflow Management - all interactive with all other components of PSM



Drag and drop scheduling of people in job costing and service management environments; of machines and work orders in manufacturing; of hotel rooms and other time-based facilities in hotels and other leisure environments; of classrooms for training companies; of rental assets for rental company; and of assets in preventive and ad hoc field service environments



PSM provides a single solution that in real-time supports alongside the ERP and other systems:
• a full eCommerce webshop (business to consumer)
• a B2B portal that includes web ordering and visibility of order history, accounts receivable position and inventory queries
• a hotel room reservation platform
• booking of training courses
• booking and authorization of vacation.

All solutions involve no interfacing, and include all pre-existing customer pricing and discounting rules.



Purplesoft offers a number of modules that add functionality for specific industries, or covers areas not typically addressed by ERP/MRP systems.

The Hotel module provides a room booking system that can be interfaced to all the major reservation portals. Build sales packages, such as bed and breakfast, manage separate departmental P&Ls. Track the housekeeping status of each room in real-time. Billing consolidates days stayed times rates agreed at reservation, with point of sales data from separate modules for bars, restaurants, and shops, and with a telephone log. All data can be queried at the front desk, again in real-time.

The POS module supports several different types of retail, including barcode-driven, button-driven and manual parts entry. You can configure the screen to determine which of hundreds of features are presented to each user - from manager overrides on returns and discounts to special handling of loyalty points. The POS interacts with all other parts of PSM, allowing capture of customer details for social media, customer and/or location and time-dependent pricing, invoicing on account, shipping management and even store reservations from eCommerce. Interfaces to payment gateways handle the taking of money.

Manage a rental equipment business using the Rental module. Set up your rental fleet as rental assets, and configure types of customer agreement and pricing to separate handling of daily versus monthly rentals, special rules for non-chargeable vacation days etc. View the reservations made on a graphical schedule by asset type, for an immediate view on utilization rates. Manage the actually tracking of assets in and out of your premises, along with the chasing of customers using standard CRM tools. Bill based on actual usage.

The Service Orders module supports businesses who repair, both on-site and back at base. Use Service Orders to record the sale of the repair services, and to set the billing rules - which can be associated with warranty rules automatically created when the item was sold, and/or with maintenance contracts. Allocate repairs to engineers. Track the time and materials used on the repairs, plus the location of the repair item. Raise invoices based on the rules set at the time of raising the Service Order. Report on profitability.

The Course Booking module provides a complete management system for companies that provide training. Your customers can book themselves onto courses through an eCommerce portal, or you can do so directly. The system sends out joining instructions. View the usage of classrooms and teachers through the graphical resource planner. Bill the attendance to the participant or their company.

The Job Costing module assists you in running any business that sells or manages time, from professional service companies such as media companies and accountants, through to project-oriented production such as construction. Create budgets that also set the rules for billing, then cost time and materials to each job. Bill on the basis of time and materials, fixed costs or milestones, controllable per item.

The Contracts module supports any company that is billing the same parts or services on a predictable periodicity, from monthly and quarterly to annual contracts. You can even set PSM to handle the deferred income calculations, assigning your revenue automatically to each month to which it relates. Raise all your month or year's invoices in one go.

PSM provides a complete Consolidation package, aggregating the results from multiple companies. Reporting of consolidated results can reflect automatic eliminations, and drill down to source transactions includes the ability to move from the parent company to the source record in the subsidiary.

PSM's Human Resource Management module allows you to track a raft of detail about your employees. You can record the positions that are available, and make these available on your website. Once filled, you associate the positions with employees. You can also record skillsets per employee, the results of evaluations, and even create multiple choice questions and answers for online-based test management.



PSM has a range of technologies that extend the power of the whole system, including:

REST API for interfacing to any third-party solution
Customization language for changing screens, menus, reports and logic
Link manager gives automatic traceability between related records
Document manager attaches external files to any record
Switch screen languages, and automate who receives which language document
Create your own analysis codes and tag records for later reporting
Tools for managing backups, updates and security in the cloud
Send and receive EDI documents from and to customers and vendors
See the linked CRM "story" associated with any record
Send any record as email, associate email story to CRM audit trail