System Management 

This module mainly is for use by the system manager, for the overall management of the Priority system. Many of its features are also available to general users, such as the dictionaries of system messages, help text and titles; generators, in which the attributes of entities can be viewed; and constant forms, in which the values of various types of constants can be viewed and modified.

The System Management module contains the following sub-modules:

System Maintenance – maintain users and privileges; create new companies; assign values to constants; define Internet and HTML design settings; delete saved reports and old mail; run the Task Scheduler.

Generators – Develop and maintain new and existing system entities: forms, tables, menus, reports and procedures.

Revisions – Prepare and document fixes, improvements and additions to system functionality.

Dictionaries – Maintain and translate all system-related text resources: entity, column and parameter titles; form, procedure/program and screen interface messages; context-sensitive help text; reserved words.

Database Interface – Design and execute form loads (EDI) and table loads; design and copy electronic interfaces.