Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) has certified Priority Software for mixed-mode manufacturing.

The summary by TEC is (our emboldening):

Priority Software’s mission is to develop an ERP solution that is “easy to use, to implement, and to maintain & enhance.” In the product briefing and demonstration presented to TEC, Priority showed that the system satisfies these goals.

The solution is delivered with an intuitive and rich UI—after only a few hours with the system, it felt like one could work across the entire system with ease. This ease of use starts with the home page, reaches down to the system forms, is enhanced with the global search tool, and comes full circle with the powerful dashboard.

The solid business platform capabilities such as the BPM tool, the user customizable screens, and analytics tools deliver significant flexibility to an organization and make an ERP solution easier to implement. These capabilities and other tools such as the privilege explorer make the system easier to maintain and enhance in order to meet future business needs.

The system covers a broad range of capabilities that are needed to support manufacturing and services industries. In addition to the product capabilities covered by the TEC model for mixed-mode manufacturing, Priority also has deep capabilities including warehouse management, multi-currency and multi-language support, and field sales territory management.

The compelling user experience, mobile product offerings, and cloud delivery model demonstrate that Priority is not resting on its past success, but is keeping pace with the major changes currently impacting the ERP marketplace.

The market dominance in its home country and long history demonstrate that Priority is a vendor that deserves consideration by companies looking for an ERP solution. Priority is one of those gems of a system that stands out in the crowded international ERP marketplace. The system is also unique in that it can be packaged to support small, midsized, and large organizations. Organizations looking for an ERP solution that competes with larger, big-name vendors such as Microsoft, SAP, and Oracle but at a better price will want to include Priority in their software selection process.

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