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Transportation Apps

Built for those whose lives and jobs revolve around getting from place to place, use these apps for Transportation to plot bus routes and fuel stations, count traffic, inspect used cars, and so much more. Be better informed with real-time maps and data collection tools.

Aid-to-Navigation Discrepancy Report

Survey marine aids-to-navigation for issues needing to be repaired – Track the condition of buoys, daymarkers, and nautical lights easily and quickly

Airfield Assessment App

Easily and quickly collect information about airfields & available amenities with the Airfield Assessment app – take photos, make notes, & plot GPS points.

Airport Runway Surface Inspection

Document & report runway surface conditions at airports and airfields with the Airport Runway Surface Inspection app – Take & share notes and photos easily

Asphalt Maintenance Inspection

Conduct coordinated asphalt maintenance inspections and identify quickly what corrective action is needed. Immediately see if action was taken & by who.

Bill of Lading App

Vehicle Transport Bill of Lading App allows truck drivers to easily and quickly inspect a customer’s vehicle before transporting it, saving time and money.

Bridge Condition Inspection

This bridge inspection Fulcrum app can be used to inspect, document, and map out the conditions of structural elements of new and existing bridges

Bus Route Travel Time Study

Conduct analysis of bus travel time, collect traffic conditions, and more with the Bus Route Travel Time Study app

Bus Stop Inspection

Conduct a bus stop survey easily with the Bus Stop Inspection App – Capture the location and condition of bus stops, with photos, videos, and GPS locations

Cessna 172 Preflight Checklist

Conduct a preflight check on a Cessna 172 with the fully customizable Preflight Checklist app – Take notes, document issues, & easily generate a report

Drone Pre-Flight Checklist

The drone pre-flight checklist automatically determines if you’re within five miles of a major US airport and allows you to conduct a full pre-flight check

Elevator Safety Inspection Checklist

The vertical transportation industry can collect data easily between the office and technicians by making all safety forms available on tablets.

Fleet Maintenance Records

This app can be used to keep track of maintenance records for your fleet of vehicles. Keep track of which vehicle is out of service more often than others.

Fuel Station Inspection

Inspect fueling and service stations for proper waste management control.

Line Leak Detector Maintenance Checklist

Keep detail records with photos on all line leak detection records. Ensure the maintenance checklist is correctly done by all employees.

Pre-Operational Truck Inspection

Ensure your entire truck fleet is maintained and ready for operation with this pre-operational truck inspection app. Managers will thank you.

Road Surface Inspection

Easily document road surface damage with the Road Surface Inspection app – Quickly take photos, plot GPS points of damaged roadways & build a damage report

Security Label Daily Checklist

Use this app to help prevent skimming crime from happening at your pump. Inspect security labels at different intervals and check records remotely.

Traffic Count App

Track road usage and traffic with the Traffic Count app – Take notes on which routes are used most, conduct traffic counts, & monitor congestion

Traffic Sign Inventory App

Inspect & keep track of your traffic signage with the Traffic Sign Inventory app – Take photos & notes on reflectivity, damage, & installation location

Travel Log Form

Collect accurate mileage data from field personnel using this vehicle mileage log. Instantly view history and track the progress of teams in the field.

Used Car Inspection

Know what you’re buying by conducting a used car inspection – Make notes, keep track of contact info, & car spec with the handy Used Car Inspection app

Vehicle Check In Inspection

Can be used by service advisors and porters to note damage and general information on vehicles being dropped of by customers.

Vehicle Mileage Tracker

Track mileage & fuel expenses for your company vehicle with the Mileage Tracker app – Take notes, track mileage, and much more!